About Kees Blom fine painter (1968), Apeldoorn

He started painting around his fortieth. Because of an uncontrollable desire and inspired by the Veluwe painters he hesitantly went to work. Looking for the own of his hand. Because he knew that he had to find the right one. Something of himself. Something that people might say later: "Look, typical Kees Blom." But it took years before he was there, it went step by step.


To start with, he first became the child who had been staring at those Veluwe painters for hours. A child who wondered if he could do something like that. And he could, he succeeded.

After a few years it really got going and he had found his direction. He surpassed the technique and as it is said about him: he became a painter of the backlight. His work can be recognized by this. But it is also recognizable by the quiet, simple simplicity. Or to the unadorned purity of things. What you see is exactly what it is. It is a pear or a grape. Or a few apples in a bowl. Or a glass bottle on its side. And always there is that light that falls from behind. Or hesitantly comes through. Typical Kees Blom.


With the passing of the years, his formats gradually increased. Starting on small panels, on which a strawberry was no larger than a strawberry, he now for example quietly paints a peach with the size of a substantial melon. Or a currant with the size of a football.

With this, the performances that he makes, almost inadvertently, become almost carelessly abstraction. And at the same time his work is as realistic as anything and evokes feelings of joy, surprise. Gloom is not there. The work of Kees Blom makes happy and gives light.